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    Video sample

    Nintendo wii (modded) with 1 nunchuck 1 wiimote motion plus, essential accessories and external HDD full of games pwede pa dugangan via sideload from pc.

    In very good condition. No issue whatsoever. Always nako gina palitan brand new controller ako wii kung mu palya na iya daan. Seldom use pa dyud.

    Price: 5k fixed kay wa na kay makita pa iban ga baligya wii in good condition maski sa lazada paka mang halungkay.

    RFS: sakit sa ako bout ibaligya ni kay dream console nako ni pero kinahanglanon og major upgrade ako gaming pc.

    Contact: 09065041431
    NOTE: make sure may YPbPr imu tv before decide na mag palit or else palit ka wii2hdmi or wii RCA adaptor sa lazada.[​IMG]

    Limited time only! kay di na nako ni e baligya pag maka kita na pud ko another online job.
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