Fs: 7th Generation Gaming Desktop Package.

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    For Sale: 7th Generation Gaming Desktop Computer
    Price: Php. 65,000 (65K)
    Package Condition: In excellent Operational Condition
    Age: Built last July, 2017.
    Reason for selling:
    1. Primarily built for Flight Simulator, and I have stopped the hobby.
    2. Very seldom used (in fact, only on weekends) because of work.
    3. Need additional funds for future projects.

    Other Details:

    -Parts and accessories mostly bought brand-new from Manila.
    -Desktop Computer will come with a genuine wíndows 10 & appropriate drivers for different components.
    -Selling as a "package", no parts out! I am not in a hurry to dispose the items so
    I'm willing to wait for the rightful new owner.
    -Price indicated above is the final, "sagad na jud" and "fix" price.
    -No Trade, No Swap.
    -Specifications & pricing may be viewed and checked on the internet. Please refer to one of the photos below for the complete list of parts/ components.
    -Desktop Package may be viewed and tested before committing to buy.

    Contact: 09326964427
    • DSC_4027.JPG
    • DSC_4028.JPG
    • DSC_4029.JPG
    • DSC_4035.JPG
    • DSC_4036.JPG
    • DSC_4041.JPG
    • DSC_4043.JPG
    • DSC_4044.JPG
    • DSC_4047.JPG
    • PC Build.jpg

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