Placenta Face Mask Tops List Of Anti-aging Treatments For Adventurous Brits

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    Placenta face mask tops list of anti-aging treatments for adventurous Brits

    The latest wish list of 'money no object' anti-aging treatments for British women includes bird poo, urine and leeches.
    A new survey carried out by quizzed 2,173 British women aged 30 and over about their relationship with anti-aging products.
    Ninety-one percent of the women polled said they were worried about the effects of age on their looks and 75 percent said they were already using products designed to fight the clock. On average Brits are willing to spend at least £250 (around €290) every year on anti-aging treatments, including products and procedures.
    The survey also asked women which unusual treatments they would be willing to try out if for free. It was the placenta face mask which topped the popularity poll, closely followed by bee venom and so-called 'vampire' facials, which uses a patient's own blood to create a platelet-rich plasma that is then applied to the face.
    Top ten unusual anti-aging treatments:
    1. Placenta face masks - 45%
    2. Bee venom - 41%
    3. Vampire face masks - 39%
    4. Leeches - 38%
    5. Sperm facial- 30%
    6. Bird poo facial - 25%
    7. Cryotherapy treatment - 21%
    8. Cactus massage - 19%
    9. Urine therapy - 15%
    10. Solid gold facial - 14%
    Sadly there was no room in the top ten list for the Gwyneth Paltrow-approved fire cupping trend (13%) or bull sperm hair masques (10%).

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