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    Php 1,325 earn 235 Monthly
    Php 5,300 earn 940 Monthly
    Php 10,800 earn 1,880 Monthly
    Php 21,200 earn 3,760 Monthly
    Php 31,800 earn 5,640 Monthly
    Php 42,200 earn 7,520 Monthly
    Ristaker Investor! Php 53,000 earn 9,400 Monthly
    You'll Earn Monthly Profits from ur Capital invest [​IMG]
    Explain ko po papano kumita sa JJPTR or Johnson Jane Poor to Rich Investment program..CEO founder Johnson Lee.
    Ito po ay Forex trading manage account. Or Foreign exchange po tayo buy and sell ng currency..
    Walang pong stress dito.. dahil invest lang po tayo at ang ceo at mga professional traders nya ang mg trade sa forex para satin.Just sit back and relax and wait for your profit every month.
    Invest small get big in return with out doing anything for life. up to 20% monthly profit po tayo or interest sa investment nyo..
    Swak na swak po ito sa mga taong busy sa work at sa ayaw na mg work at galit sa networking or benta benta, paluwagan or table table..
    Forex ay pang matagalan. Habang buhay ang mga banks may forex at habang may forex kikita po tayo..
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